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Are you looking to add a brand new service that is growing in popularity & demand?
Would you like to learn how to make 3 hours worth of revenue in just 15 minutes with this highly profitable service?
We will teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about Permanent Welded Jewellery in this ABT Accredited Course, including how we personally introduced and marketed it into our Salon, how we grew our client base, to the suppliers that we have tried and tested.

What is Permanent Welded Jewellery?

Permanent Welded Jewellery is jewellery that is custom fitted & seamlessly welded together, meaning there are no clasps & can last for years.

It's a fantastic service to offer, particularly within the Hair & Beauty industry. It's such a new & exciting service, that it grabs clients attention.
It's brings new customers through your doors and can massively increase your revenue, whilst giving you a new passion & boost.


What's Included Within The Course

I found myself looking high & low, scouring websites & Facebook groups to learn as much as I could about Permanent Jewellery, which is why I have collated everything I learnt (the good and the bad!) and picked up along the way, inside of this Course so you don't have to.


In depth PDF Manual

ABT Accredited 65+ page manual containing videos, easy to follow techniques, & step by step guides.

Accessible on any device, to allow for at home learning at your own pace with no time limit.


Suppliers & Kit

The number 1 question we get asked is where we find our trusted suppliers.

You'll get access to a comprehensive list of tried & trusted suppliers with product images, direct links & best sellers.

Plus machine comparisons to help you to decide which to invest in.


Help & Support

I'm with you every step of the way through phone, email & our dedicated student only PJ Facebook group.

PLUS a 1 hour Zoom coaching session that you can redeem at any time.


Marketing & Business Guidance

  • You'll receive Canva social media & stationery templates.

  • Our Marketing Calendar to allow you to plan a years worth of content ahead of time.

  • How to set pricing, booking information & how to market your new business.

We've performed 1000+ welds & will show how you can also master the technique

You'll get 24/7 Support & unlimited time on Course materials

Clear & easy to follow training, for any style of learning

We continuously refresh & update our training to keep up with new trends

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Featured Student

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I had been on the lookout for an exciting new service to offer in my salon, The Beauty Studio Hayling and Permanent Jewellery was the perfect new skill to learn!

The online course was impressive with lots of in depth learning and on going support.

Welded Jewellery is unique and creative. I love to create intricate and beautiful designs that have a special meaning to my customers.

Whether it's welded rings, bracelets, anklets or necklaces the possibilities are endless that reflect personal style and preferences!


Are you ready to start an exciting, brand new career?

You can get started on your Course right away..

  • Will I need to change my insurance supplier?
    No, ABT is one option but there is also more within the Course, so you won't have to change the salon/hair/beauty insurance.
  • Is the Course in person or online?
    There is quite a bit to get through & study so the Course is online based. The benefits of this, is that you can work in the comfort of your home at your own pace & not feel rushed. It's also very useful to have your manual at hand, any time you need to refresh your knowledge or rewatch a video.
  • Do you offer a kit?
    We don't & there's a good reason for this! Within the Course, you will have access to machine comparisons, lists of trusted suppliers, tools & supplies information. From this, you can choose from our best sellers, or purchase your own selection based on your client base & budget.
  • Do I need to have any previous experience?
    No, you don't need to have any prior jewellery or beauty experience to successfully complete the course.
  • When do I start buying supplies?
    We don't recommend that you buy anything until you have made your way through the manual. This is because there's lots of options to choose from & it's best to learn about each one before investing.
  • Is it just a fad which will quickly go away?
    Absolutely not! It's already taken the US by storm & continues to grow in popularity. It has just started to make it's way over to the UK (which is great, because you can be the first in your area & at the forefront of this trend).
  • What are the start up costs?
    We keep certain start up costs off the website to keep things discreet for our students customers, but we'd be more than happy to give you the information directly. Please get in touch with us using the form below for a full price breakdown of what you would need to purchase and the different options.

Do you have any other questions?

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